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We offer comprehensive legal support services for business entities as well as natural persons operating in the territory of the Republic of Poland and European Union countries. We provide efficient and reliable legal assistance, providing support aimed at discretion and acting in accordance with professional ethics. We discretely provide comprehensive services in the field of business and penal law for companies. We dedicate legal assistance to natural persons in the field of civil, administrative and criminal law. We also undertake liquidation and bankruptcy of commercial law companies and natural persons. We provide ongoing legal advice, create pleadings, and represent the client before common courts and government administration bodies. We formulate individual solutions.


GDPR AUDIT Our Law Office offers implementation of the GDPR directive in your company in the scope of verification of current protection of personal data processing, taking into account the specificity of your company, including data on special protection such as sensitive data. The GDPR audit is an indispensable process that initiates the process of adjusting the processes of personal data protection in accordance with the applicable law. Implementation is the protection of data processing processes in accordance with the GDPR, adjustment of business processes of IT systems, security systems and numerous documentation.The benefits of using our services make it possible to meet the requirements of the GDPR Regulation, reduce incidents in a timely manner, minimize the costs of servicing them and, above all, increase the security of the organization.


The Law Firm deals with matters related to broadly understood administrative law. In particular, matters relating to tax law. We provide legal advice in the field of administrative proceedings, we issue legal opinions in the form of both written and oral. We undertake comprehensive management of administrative law matters and represent our clients before administrative bodies of first and second instance as well as administrative courts of first and second instance. In order to meet the needs of our clients, we identify the most advantageous solutions in administrative and court-administrative proceedings. We obtain decisions and prepare appeals against decisions of both state and local government authorities.


TAX CONSULTANCY We offer legal and tax consulting in the field of business initiatives. We advise on company law, civil and administrative law. We increase the development opportunities for your business by efficiently navigating in legal regulations. We provide services in the field of tax security related to arunning a business in Poland and the European Union. We create effective solutions in the field of tax optimization. We advise or conduct cases in the field of tax proceedings. We increase the sense of security by giving you space, thanks to which you will be able to focus on the development of your company.


We provide legal services in the scope of pursuing property claims. We represent our clients before business entities, institutions, courts, and enforcement authorities. We offer comprehensive organizational and legal support for debt enforcement in Poland and the European Union against entrepreneurs and persons not conducting business. We provide services in the field of economic intelligence, including the search for assets of the debtor. We provide assistance in recovering debts at every stage of the proceedings, including pre-litigation, during court proceedings and during execution, and including participation in bailiff's activities. ยง


The Law Firm conducts comprehensive financial and legal audits to detect potential risks and threats that arise or may arise from the operations of a company or company. The audit covers, among others, corporate issues, relations with other entities, commercial contracts, employee matters, administrative law issues, intellectual property rights, and court proceedings. The scope of the audit is tailored to the client's needs and takes into account the specificity of the industry in which a given entity conducts business. We specialize in researching the legal and financial condition of domestic and foreign companies. We cooperate in auditing with experienced auditors and tax advisors from the EU. We analyze, among others: The financial situation of the company including financial statements, accounting documentation, receivables and public and private liabilities, corporate documentation of the company, the legal status of the real estate owned by the company, the company's patents, permits, agreements and administrative decisions, court, administrative, court-administrative, and arbitration proceedings of which the company is a participant. Thanks to cooperation with our branches abroad, the Law Office advises on international mergers and acquisitions.


As part of the services we provide, our Law Firm prepares tax-optimized investment strategies as well as capital and business restructuring scenarios for our clients. At the same time, by analyzing all aspects of the client's business, we help him eliminate or minimize threats arising from tax law. We present and implement detailed plans to optimize the operations of enterprises and advise on the reduction of tax liabilities.We create tax opinions based on the assumptions of the planned or conducted business presented by our clients. We verify the correctness of the preparation of transaction price documentation. Our lawyers will not only advise you how to prepare for checks by tax authorities, but will also represent you during these activities and, if necessary, submit objections to the protocols and represent at any stage appeals to judgments from tax authorities including participation in court proceedings. Our Law Firm's activities are focused on building a long-term tax strategy for the client.


PENALTIES The European Legal Bureau specializes in providing services to entities seeking legal protection in the field of criminal law. Our clients can count on professional help at every stage of the proceedings before the judicial authorities such as the Police, the prosecutor's office, courts of the first and second instance, the Supreme Court, CBA, and ABW. We take care of the interests of suspected and accused persons of crimes or offenses at all stages of the proceedings. We have extensive experience in the subject of legal measures aimed at helping people who are temporarily detained in preparatory proceedings. At any time, we are ready to take care of the interests of those detained or arrested by investigative or investigative bodies.


PENAL AND TAX PROCEEDINGS In matters related to fiscal penal law, the Law Firm ensures representation of the accused before the financial organs conducting preparatory proceedings. We represent clients before the Tax Office, the Tax Audit Office, the Customs Office, as well as in court and enforcement proceedings. Legal assistance includes participation in procedural activities, including interrogation, sittings, hearings and participation in negotiations.


IT LAW The Law Firm offers comprehensive legal services for IT companies, covering civil law, entrepreneurs and commercial law, labor law, copyright law, public procurement law, and personal data protection. We analyze and plan legal activities in the field of concluding IT contracts, developing regulations for services, websites and applications. We advise on the public procurement procedure, both for the contracting authority and the contractor. Our team of Attorneys and Legal Advisers represents clients in public procurement cases, in legal disputes regarding IT contracts and IT software before common courts, arbitration courts, and the Supreme Court.

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